Lakhs of Affordable Dwelling Units to be constructed in newly announced 109 sectors in land pooling zones.

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MPD 2021

The population of Delhi is increasing day by day and it is being estimated to reach 8 million more by the year 2021. It is only because of this reason that the DDA or Delhi development Authority has come up with the MPD 2021 with the aim of safeguarding the future of Delhi. Master Plan Delhi 2021 is aimed towards curbing the issues that might arise because of the growth of Delhiā€™s population in the near future. The DDA is all prepared to being this Master Plan in such a way that it does not fail in meeting the requirements of this growing city.

The Aim of Land Pooling Policy

Delhi Land Pooling Policy introduced by DDA allows the developers to acquire land directly from owners and farmers by way of partnership rather than forceful acquisition. The Land Pooling Policy is basically a system by way of which the small holdings will be pooled together and a part of the pooled land will be effectively used for the development of Delhi Affordable Housing. The pooled land will also be used for the development of social and physical infrastructure. Remaining land will be given back to the land owners along with their development rights. Delhi Housing Scheme is a venture that comes from the Delhi government for offering affordable homes to the ever-growing population of Delhi.