Lakhs of Affordable Dwelling Units to be constructed in newly announced 109 sectors in land pooling zones.

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Diamond Towers


One of the most current undertakings of the Multi State CGHS is Diamond Towers. The Multi State CGHS comes as one of the best land aggregates for the general public offering several activities across Haryana and Delhi. This undertaking is certified under the Multistate Society Act of 2002 and its enrolment number is MSCS/CR/1082/2014.

Diamond Towers has its location is the Dwarka City of Delhi. It has come up with the objective of offering an improved accommodation facility to the people of Delhi. It is one of the best lodging ventures of the present times with apartments available at reasonable rates. Considering the diverse preferences and tastes of the people of the present times, the Diamond Towers has been built to serve in the form of the best accommodation chose for the people of Delhi. The project manifests itself in the form of an inventive and innovative undertaking from the Smart City all prepared to offer the best home-stay facilities to clients.

General public can reap the best financial benefits of the land pooling policy in Delhi. People who put in their resources into this policy can remain assured of getting good cash. Financially-skilled and specialised individuals can easily get their dream homes in the capital city of Indian and even in Haryana and other states.

Part of the Multi State CGHS

It is one of the best undertakings in present land business featuring different administrations and great qualities. It is one of the best options for investors and buyers as there are absolutely no compulsions of paying propelled installments until there are any signs of improvement. The Multi State CGHS buys land from proprietors, ranchers and other individuals with land possession. It is the general public that prepares the designs according to Master Plan 2021 and get to a pooling arrangement.

The Diamond Multi State CGHS possesses the capability of making subdivisions of inner streets, streets, administrations and foundation. The homeowners at Diamond Towers can get facilities like rain water harvesting, full security, 24/7 water and power supply and so on.